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Arcade Legends

Arcade Legends by Ultracade for Sale

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Arcade Legends by Ultracade Technologies is the ultimate home game room addition. With 90 pre-installed games like Dark Stalker, Mortal Kombat, Mr. Do’s Castle and Centipede, Arcade Legends is the only arcade game machine you will need in your game room.



arcade legends Available Arcade Legends Systems

Arcade Legends 25" Upright Cabinet

The Arcade Legends Upright Console brings the classic arcade games of yester-year back to life in a full-size, multi-game console.

AGS Price:
$2,899     Free Inside "White Glove Delivery"
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Arcade Legends 25" Table Top

The Arcade Legends Cocktail Table is one of the most unique table offerings in the industry.

Table Top Game Information Page >>>

AGS Price: $2,899     Free Inside "White Glove Delivery"
arcade legends table top  
For questions and more information, please contact
Allied Distributing toll free at
or by email at sales@arcadegamesuperstore.com

  System Overview

Multi-game video machines are becoming popular all over again as gamers return to the 1980s-era classics that originally put the industry on the map. Video games are huge: the industry made more last year than Hollywood did. While new games make up the lion’s share of business, another area of growth is the nostalgic market—people are now buying the multi-game video machines that they grew up on.

The Arcade Legends Upright Console brings the classic arcade games of yester-year back to life in a full-size, multi-game console. It uses the original programming that gave those classic arcade games such a distinctive, groundbreaking feel, with all the lights, color, sound, and gaming action you remember. The system comes equipped with a 25" CGA monitor, 2 joysticks, a 3” trackball, and multiple button controls for one-on-one game play. An interactive menu (controlled via the joysticks and buttons) lets you customize sound volume, delete high scores, and even add future games as they are made available.

Arcade Legends offers the top 90 arcade classics, titles like Asteroids, Missile Command, Berzerk and Mr. Do. Additionally, if these 90 are just not enough, we offer four upgrade options to all of our customers.

The Arcade Legends Cocktail Table is one of the most unique table offerings in the industry. The processor, memory and hard drive are about the size of a paperback book and easily hold all your old favorite games. The game has a large 25" format screen (most cocktails are 19”), leg clearance for adults, an ergonomic control panel and a dual screen mode so players can sit across from each other -- a first for cocktail tables. This table is one of the best designed tables ever offered by UltraCade Technologies™.

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Arcade Legends Comes with 90 Pre-Installed Games!!!
Arcade Legends Screenshots Click Here

  1. 1941: Counter Attack™
  2. 1942™
  3. Anteater™
  4. Arkanoid 2™ Revenge of Doh
  5. Arkanoid Returns™
  6. Arkanoid Tournament™
  7. Arkanoid™
  8. Armored Car™
  9. Asteroids Deluxe™
  10. Asteroids™
  11. Astro Invader™
  12. Battlezone™
  13. Bezerk™
  14. Black Widow™
  15. Bubble Bobble 3™ Bubble Memories
  16. Bubble Bobble™
  17. Bubbles™
  18. Calipso™
  19. Cameltry™
  20. Centipede™
  21. Chack N Pop™
  22. Champion Wrestler™
  23. Cleopatra's Fortune™
  24. Commando™
  25. Crystal Castles™
  26. Defender™
  27. Don Doko Don™
  28. Elevator Action™
  29. Exed Exes™
  30. Frenzy™
  31. Ghosts N' Goblins™
  32. Ghouls N' Ghosts™
  33. Goal '92™
  34. Golden Tee Golf 2™
  35. Golden Tee Golf™
  36. Gravitar™
  37. Gunsmoke™
  38. Joust™
  39. Jungle Hunt™
  40. Jungle King™
  41. Karate Champ™
  42. Kram™
  43. Land Maker™
  44. Legendary Wings™
  45. Liberator™
  1. Liquid Kids™
  2. Lunar Lander™
  3. Major Havoc™
  4. Mega Man : The Power Battle™
  5. Mercs™
  6. Millipede™
  7. Missile Command™
  8. Moon Patrol™
  9. Mortal Kombat™
  10. Plotting™
  11. Plump Pop™
  12. Puchi Carat™
  13. Puzzle Bobble 2™
  14. Puzzle Bobble 3™
  15. Puzzle Bobble 4™
  16. Puzzle Bobble™
  17. Qix™
  18. Rainbow Islands™
  19. Rampage™
  20. Rastan™
  21. Red Baron™
  22. Robotron : 2084™
  23. Section Z™
  24. Side Arms Hyper Dyne™
  25. Side Pocket™
  26. Sinistar™
  27. Space Duel™
  28. Space Invaders DX™
  29. Speed Coin™
  30. Stargate™ ( Defender II )
  31. Street Fighter II Champion Edition™
  32. Strider™
  33. Super Breakout™
  34. Super Dodge Ball™
  35. Super Qix™
  36. Tapper™ (Root Beer)
  37. Tazz Mania™
  38. Tempest™
  39. The Fairyland Story™
  40. The Legend Of Kage™
  41. The New Zealand Story™
  42. Ultraslot™
  43. V'ball™
  44. Vulgus™
  45. Zoo Keeper™

Arcade Legends Screenshots Click Here



Dimensions & Specifications


25" Upright Model

25" Cocktail Table Model

Monitor:25" CGA Monitor25" CGA Monitor
  • 1-Year Extended Warranty

  • Free 2-Year Electronics Warranty (Details)

  • Free Lifetime Technical Assistance over the Phone

  • Free Lifetime Parts Locator Service

Hardware:2 joysticks
3” trackball
Multiple button controls
Dimensions:68"H x 25.5"W x 33.25"D
340 lbs.
34"H x 24"W x 46"D
295 lbs.
Free Play Capable:Yes
Is it Plug & Play?Yes
Voltage:110 volts (standard outlet)
*Surge Protector highly recommended
Owner's ManualDownload the Arcade Legends Owner's Manual
in PDF Format (954 KB)


Shipping...So What's the Deal?

...It's Free!!!

Free In-Home Delivery* on all Arcade Legends Machines!!

*Ground Floor Level only, each additional flight of stairs is an extra $100, please specify when ordering


If you have any additional questions or just feel more comfortable ordering from a live person,
please feel free to call or email us at anytime:

Call Toll Free 866-665-GAME
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Arcade Legends


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