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Vitalie Pool Tables

America's Billiard Company for Consumer Pool Tables

Vitalie Series  │  About Vitalie Pool Tables  │  Materials Used  │  Caring for Your Vitalie Pool Table

You have the opportunity to purchase the most highly acclaimed pool tables in history. Every billiard manufacturer self proclaims their product to be everything from the “best in billiards” to the “players choice” but none of them can give you real features to back up their advertising claims. We are going to give you factual features and benefits that set Vitalie apart and make it your only logical choice.

When you purchase a Vitalie you are not buying just a “pool table”. A Vitalie is much more. They are fine home furnishings that are also the world’s most precisely crafted pocket billiard tables. We encourage you to do your homework and comparison shop. When you do please take this literature with you to help you in making informed comparisons. In doing so we feel sure you will choose a Vitalie and we look forward to making it for you. From our hands to yours...Vitalie!

Vitale Pool Table Series


Vitalie Collection

vitalie collection

Vitalie Signature Collection

signature collection

andrew gille collection

Andrew Gille Collection

andrew gille collection

sterling collection

Sterling Collection

sterling collection


About Vitalie Pool Tables

Deep in the Appalachian forests, up where the Great Smokey Mountains meet the sky, you will find a misty memory of the way America used to be. A place where trees still outnumber the people and traditional values still ring true.

In these remote hills of Western North Carolina, learning to work with your hands is still the most important skill any man can master. It's a patient, time-honored way of doing things that's been passed down from father to son for as long as anyone can remember. It's not the fastest, cheapest, or easiest, way to build something but for folks in this remote region it is the only standard they will accept.

That old fashioned, woodworking tradition runs deep in these woods and explains why North Carolina is still the furniture capital of the world and why Vitalie still makes the world's finest handcrafted billiard tables there.

Peter Vitalie turned his hand to many things searching for the one that inspired him; he found it in billiards. He loved to play pool and was good at it too but he loved the pool tables he played on even more. He became a billiard mechanic and soon had worked on thousands of tables. Some were centuries old and still fine, sound and beautiful. Others were nearly new and in some cases lucky to be standing. They lacked the sound structure and quality craftsmanship of the bygone era. He dedicated himself, his ability as a craftsman and years of hands on experience to returning billiard equipment to the excellence he felt it deserved. He worked with a few gifted helpers until he had achieved his goal, the finest pool tables in recent history; perhaps the finest ever made.

At Vitalie, this age-old process begins with the basics. Only the finest materials will do. 100% American hardwood inside and out. Thick, heavy lumber and plenty of it. Then a structure big and strong enough to support the generations of players who will put their full trust and weight upon it.

For maximum strength and rigidity the cabinet must be broken down into the shortest, strongest cross-sections possible. Just as dowels, dovetails and tongue and groove have been the hallmark of fine furniture for centuries, Vitalie uses a unique fine joinery system and interlocking structure of wood supporting wood to assure a lasting strength and stability to their tables.

To insure that they look as good as they play each part of every Vitalie table is painstakingly hand sanded. Special dyes that penetrate the wood and enhance the natural beauty create rich colors and numerous coats of the clearest high quality sealers and lacquers provide both beauty and protection. With exceptional skill the finishing artisans enhance the lines and contours with crystal clear highlights. Now you have a proper foundation for the precision honed natural slate bed and precisely crafted top rails.

Top rails must absorb most of the wear and tear through the years as hands and cues constantly rub across them. They are made to exacting specifications of the hardest woods and carefully hand sanded, dyed to compliment the cabinet and then hand waxed, hand buffed and hand finished to produce a durable surface that is less likely to be damaged by the tribulations of play. Then and only then does the Vitalie name go on it, proudly for the world to see.

A hundred years ago, all billiard tables were made this way, patiently, one at a time, with a block of wood in one hand and a carving tool in the other. But as plywood and offshore assembly plants began to replace Old World craftsmen, this time honored American tradition was in danger of disappearing overnight. But not at Vitalie. We are proud to be the last Billiard Company keeping this lost art alive. We build all our tables as if the spirit and standards of those old master woodworkers were still guiding our hand.

That's why our billiard tables are still cut from the finest real American hardwoods. We carefully select each wood for its strength and appearance. Then each is scrupulously carved and crafted, hand fit, hand sanded and hand finished to create a perfectly tuned instrument that will play as good as it looks.

The result is a gift that will last a lifetime, a handsome addition to any home and an heirloom you can proudly pass from one generation to the next. From our hands to yours, Vitalie Handcrafted Billiard Tables. They only get better with time.


Materials Used

Vitalie only uses solid, domestic hardwood lumber and lots of it. Even the interior structure of our equipment is solid hardwood lumber. The specifics are:


The tulip tree belongs to the magnolia family. Because of its resistance to warping and cracking a lot of the world's finest furniture is made from this hardwood.


Strength, good working properties and an attractive clear-pale colored surface makes maple a valued timber for high-grade furniture, and it has been so used since colonial days.

Ash is a popular furniture lumber because of its supple strength, clean white appearance and varied though subdued grain. It is hard, strong and extremely stable.

Cherry is a hard, fairly light timber with good working properties. It has been highly valued for centuries for high-class furniture. The grain is very lively for scattered pores and tiny rays reflect the light. Cherry finishes with a rich depth and smooth texture.

American Black Walnut is relatively heavy, very strong and highly stable. It has been highly prized since colonial times for its exceptional beauty and used in fine furniture, gun stocks and other exacting work needing strength and stability.


Caring for Your Vitalie Pool Table

Vitalie equipment is made of the very finest domestic hardwood lumber. As with all natural materials a variation of grain, color or intensity is possible and should not be regarded as an imperfection but an aspect of the uniqueness of the overall beauty.

The fine furniture cabinet should be lovingly cared for with the same caution you afford your finest furniture possessions. Humidity levels need to be in median range and the cabinet should not be exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. High quality furniture polish and oils are recommended.

The top rails have a very unique hand rubbed oil and wax finish. Never use Furniture Polish Or Oils On The Top Rails. These products will react with the waxed finish and destroy the luster and possibly remove the color. Top rails should be maintained on a daily basis by wiping fingerprints and buffing with a soft cloth. A quality paste should be applied periodically and buffed to maintain the luster. Take precautions to protect the rail cloth and pockets when applying the paste wax. With time your top rails will develop a beautiful patina that is superior to the original beauty.

If properly maintained your pool table will not only retain all of its original beauty and also develop an even more elegant glow.





If you have any additional questions about Vitale Pool Tables or any other AGS product or just
feel more comfortable ordering from a live person, please feel free to call or email us anytime:


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Vitalie Pool Tables

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