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Silver Strike Bowling 2007


New FeaturesOnline FeaturesPlayer CardsGift Cards
CommentaryPlay ModesControl Panel (How to Play)
SSB FactsSSB Cheats & Tricks

NEW Features:

  • New Strike-Trak feature

  • New review scores & cards option

  • Expanded leaderboards

  • Play Again

  • New Skip Bowler option

  • Enhanced graphics

  • Faster replays

  • New 300 Club leaderboard

  • High Hand leaderboard

  • Single player Vegas bowling option

  • Reset single game, series game, Vegas bowling, & 300 club leaderboards individually or together.

  • Expanded ticket dispenser options

  • Available as Full kit, upgrade kit, & dedicated units

Pedestal Cabinet Features (Home Edition Only):

  1. Razor sharp hi definition LCD image

  2. “In-your-face” exciting play action

  3. Raised monitor dramatically improves game visibility / attract mode

  4. Unique design is player friendly / trackball safe

  5. Modular components for easy service, all front access

  6. Compact footprint

  7. Pinball style coin door - bill acceptor ready

  8. Golden Tee Live 2007 artwork on monitor bezel and control panel, trackball plate pre-installed and all button holes pre-drilled

  9. Optional IT cash vault with MARS bill acceptor

  10. Dimensions:
    Base: D24" X W19"
    Overall: H69" X D33.5" X W35.5"

ONLINE Features:

  • silver strike bowlingJoin the Silver Strike Bowler’s Club!

  • Track your personal stats!

  • Be eligible for the SSB weekly sweepstakes!

  • Win cash & prizes

  • Compare game records & rankings online!

  • Pay for play using cash, player account, or IT Gift Card.

  • Show off your records within the game!

  • Real-time” Spare odds” meter

  • FACTs compatible.

  • New System Diagnostics support

  • Operator Services support

Player Cards:

Player's CardSilver Strike Bowling PLAYER CARDS are the player's key to the ultimate video bowling experience on Silver Strike 2007 Bowler's Club. Players can identify themselves at no extra cost using an existing Golden Tee LIVE Gold Card, a personal credit card or they can purchase a Silver Strike 2007 Bowler's Club Card for only $2.00.

When you use your player card or credit card to identify yourself on Silver Strike 2007 Bowler's Club game, you will be able to:

  • Track your stats

  • View your game history

  • See each frame you have bowled.

Silver Strike 2007 Bowler's Club Cards are available for purchase on the game or at


Gift Cards:

Silver Strike 2007 Bowler's Club gives players the ability to purchase game credits without cash!

To pay with a Gift Card

  • Simply swipe your GIFT CARD on the payment screen to use a gift card.

  • Within seconds, credits will be applied and you'll be READY TO BOWL!



Incredible Technologies is famous for introducing insightful and entertaining commentary into all of their sports-themed video games. Months of planning and work go in to each commentary script to ensure it's as comprehensive and fun as possible.

Silver Strike Bowling features pro bowler and ESPN® announcer, Randy Pedersen as the play-by-play man. His witty comments have quickly become synonymous with Silver Strike Bowling's success in bars and taverns around the world.

RANDY PEDERSEN: With 13 total career Pro Bowling titles under his belt, Randy Pedersen is one of the most decorated professional bowlers to date. Not only is he famous as the lead commentator on Silver Strike Bowling, but also the acclaimed ten-pin star is ESPN's lead bowling color analyst. Since joining the PBA commentary booth in 2001, Pedersen has garnered more attention from the entertainment world. His cameo appearances in the movie "Greedy" and mega-hit comedy "Kingpin" top his list of cinema accomplishments, along side his hosting role of TNN's TV series "Rock and Bowl" in 2000.


Play Modes: Classic Bowling and Vegas Bowling


CLASSIC BOWLING is the traditional 10-frame bowling format where each frame represents one turn for the bowler, and in each turn the player is allowed to roll the ball twice.  If the bowler knocks down all the pins in the first roll it's considered a strike. If any pins remain, the bowler attempts to knock them down with a second roll. If they succeed, it's called a spare; any pins remaining denote an open frame. If the frame is left open, the bowler receives a score equivalent to the number of pins knocked down. If a spare is made, a slash mark is recorded in the right-hand corner of the frame and no score is recorded until the first ball is rolled in the next frame. After it's rolled, the bowler receives credit for the number of pins knocked down, plus 10. If a bowler gets a strike, an X is recorded in the box and the player receives a score of 10 plus the total pins knocked down in the next two rolls. There are a total of 120 pins a bowler can knock down in one game, making a maximum score of 300.


VEGAS BOWLING is unique to Silver Strike Bowling and is the most popular game choice. Using the exact set of rules as CLASSIC BOWLING, VEGAS BOWLING adds a second level of competition by giving bowlers playing cards every time a mark (spare or strike) is made.

After the players view the score sheet, a second sheet appears showing who currently has the best 5-card poker hand!

available at no extra cost and
is available only in select states.
available for both modes of play!

Control Panel


Learn How to Control Your Ball Direction

Just like real bowling, Silver Strike gives bowlers the ability to control the speed, angle and curve of a bowling ball. While novices can choose to bowl straight down the middle of the lane to get satisfactory results, experimental Silver Strike bowlers can greatly increase their odds with limitless curve, weight and speed combinations.

SSB's trackball control system is modeled off of Golden Tee's famous design. Easy to learn but difficult to master is the motto of Incredible Technologies' Silver Strike Bowling and Golden Tee Golf development teams.

Ball Flight Arrows

Players will be given the ability to select any trackball combination and the ball path calculator will project the estimated line!


Starting a game of Silver Strike Bowling is as simple as pressing a button! The RED START button not only fires up an SSB game, but it also can access REPLAY during game play!

  • Find a Silver Strike Bowling Game.

  • Press the START button to begin a game.

  • CHOOSE number of players.




  • SWIPE PLAYER CARD on identification screen.

  • Select MALE or FEMALE.


How to Watch a Replay

The ability to view a REPLAY

  • Throw the ball down the lane.

  • As the ball approaches the pins, press the START BUTTON to activate REPLAY. You'll here a 'Click' sound to indicate that REPLAY is enabled.

  • After the shot is over, a REPLAY of the action will play.

  • Using the LEFT, RIGHT and OVERHEAD BUTTONScamera angle of the REPLAYY as it plays.

  • Normal game play will continue after the REPLAY


Slow Motion

Silver Strike Bowling lets players view the ten-pin action in SLOW MOTION during game play and replays.


Ball Weight

Just like in real bowling, ball weight plays a critical role in Silver Strike. The weight of the bowler's ball in SSB affects the ball's momentum, control and pin action just as if the player were on a real lane.

Ball Weight



Pin Action

12 lbs.




13 lbs.




14 lbs.




15 lbs.




16 lbs.





How to Change Ball Weight:

Press the BALL WEIGHT button while setting up your shot. The weight will go up one pound, from 12lbs. - 16lbs., each time the button is pressed. You may change the ball weight prior to each roll in a frame.


Bowling Made Simple!

Silver Strike Bowling utilizes the acclaimed trackball-control system made famous by Incredible Technologies' pop-culture favorite, Golden Tee Golf. Just like GT, a simple hand motion rolling the trackball backward, then forward brings the on-screen character to life.

How to Bowl

    How to Hit

  • Choose your BALL WEIGHT.

  • Aim by moving your bowler LEFT or RIGHT with the trackball. Use the OVERHEAD view to reference lane boards and dots.

  • ROTATE your bowler with the LEFT or RIGHT buttons if desired. This will angle your bowler in different directions.

  • Once aimed, roll the trackball BACK underneath your palm or with your thumbs.
    This triggers the bowler's backswing.

  • Next, roll the trackball FORWARD with your palm or thumbs to throw your ball down the lane.

  • It's as simple as that!

  • To Learn How to Aim, Curve and Control Your Shots CLICK HERE!


Cameras & Replays

Silver Strike Bowling offers players the ability to control unique camera angles throughout game play. These camera views can be beneficial to bowlers when lining up their shot, as well as viewing ball's approach to the pin.

Lining Up a Shot - SSB players are given the ability to use an OVERHEAD VIEW while lining up their shot. While setting up, hold down the OVERHEAD button to view the lane boards and dots.

During a Roll - Bowlers have the ability to view different CAMERA ANGLES and watch pin impact in SLOW MOTION. Press the LEFT, RIGHT and OVERHEAD buttons to toggle through different camera angles as the ball is approaching the pins.

Press the SLOW MOTION button while the ball is approaching the pins and watch the pins fly in slow-mo! All these camera views are also available when viewing a REPLAY

Rotate Bowler

Silver Strike Bowling allows players to change the angle of their bowler while they're setting up a ball! This feature can be useful when picking up tricky spares or trying new combinations of curve and speed.

To Rotate Your Bowler -- Press the LEFT button to rotate left or the RIGHT button to rotate right prior to rolling the ball. Press any button to reset your bowler’s setup at anytime.


Did You Know?

Facts About Silver Strike Bowling 2007

  • It was bowling - not golf - that originally put Incredible Technologies on the map! The company designed its first ten-pin success, Capcom Bowling, in 1988. The famous game was followed by the design of Strata Bowling in 1990 and ultimately World Class Bowling in 1997. Each game was trackball controlled, but a 'backswing' wasn't introduced until the launch of Silver Strike Bowling in 2004.

  • Incredible Technologies has not always been known as Incredible Technologies. Called Free Radical Software when founded by co-owners Elaine Hodgson and Richard Ditton, the company's earliest projects consisted of developing pinball operating systems and game programming for Apple II, Commodore 64, Amiga and a variety of other consumer systems.

  • In 2005 Incredible Technologies released Silver Strike Bowling en Español. With a commentary script hundreds of pages long, Latino voice announcer Alex Vargas came to IT's sound lab and recited all of the bowling commentary in Spanish!

  • Bowling has been popular for centuries! The Professional Bowling Association states that bowling balls and pins were found in the tomb of an Egyptian King who died in 5,200 B.C.! Record also shows that the ancient Polynesians bowled on lanes that were 60 feet long, which is the same as today's alleys!

  • There's a limit on how hard you can roll the ball. Throw your shot too hard and you will be penalized with an OVERHIT foul!

  • Silver Strike 2007 Bowler's Club players receive more camera angles to choose from than the original! Left camera, right camera, behind-the-pin deck camera and MORE!

  • Silver Strike 2007 Bowler's Club gives players the ability to view the ball's line and speed with STRIKE TRAK when a REPLAY is played! This allows you to analyze the line and speed of your shot!

PRO Tips and Silver Strike Bowling Cheats

Silver Strike Bowling Cheats and Tricks

PRO TIP: In Silver Strike 2007 Bowler's Club you can access your Vegas Bowling hand during game play by simply holding down the OVERHEAD and RIGHT buttons!

PRO TIP: The most effective combination in Silver Strike Bowling is a 16 lb. ball thrown with a hook. While it's also the hardest to execute with the proper curve and speed, it will garner the best results when thrown correctly.

PRO TIP: Use a heavier ball for the most impact on your first shot and select a lighter ball for the greatest control on tight pickups.



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