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Sega Derby Owners Club Arcade Game

Racehorse Breeding and Training Simulation Game

Sega Derby Owners Club Arcade Game
Sega Derby Owners Club Arcade Game
Sega Derby Owners Club Arcade Game

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Derby Owners Club EX Derby Owners Club World Edition
4-Player 4-Player 8-Player
sega derby owners club arcade game sega derby owners club arcade game sega derby owners club arcade game

Derby Owners Club - World Edition (DOC WE) was first released in Japan, October 1999 and has had close to 1,000 units in operation now for over two years. This led to the development of an English version which was released in the USA March 2002 - already 35 units are in operation with more machines pending. The very first machine to hit European shores in September 2002 was delivered to Bowlplex's Brighton Bowling Centre. The test machine was an instant success with both the players and Bowlpex, who made the decision to purchase after just six weeks!!



Derby Owners Club EX

This is a thoroughbred horse racing video game that allows players to own, breed, train, and ride their very own race horse. A data-storing card is dispensed with the first play, allowing each player to continuously develop their horse, offspring, and stables through repeat play. The innovative cabinet design allows up to four players to race simultaneously, while creating an atmosphere that promotes friendly competition, social interaction, and incredible repeat play. All this excitement, and the cabinet only requires about as much space as a dining table for six.

The 'EX' software update provides a variety of added features including a new race call from legendary Tampa Downs and Canterbury Park track announcer Richard Grunder, 30 new sires and 30 new dams, tournament software with 3 competition modes, on-screen display of your 6 prior race results, and a new classic Trumpeter Call to Post with several different versions to catch the players' attention as well as patrons in the area.

Sale Price: $49,495
Old Price: $52,000

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Derby Owners Club World Edition - 4-Player

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Sale Price: $74,000
Old Price: $79,000

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Derby Owners Club World Edition - 8-Player

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Sale Price: $119,000
Old Price: $137,000

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Game Overview

Derby Owners Club-World Edition (DOC WE) is a unique 8 player role-playing game, placing players in the roles of breeder, trainer, jockey and owner of their very own thoroughbred racehorse. The eight player satellites are situated in a theatre style configuration in front of two side-by-side 50" monitors that display the main race action in a large 16 X 9 "letterbox" format. Each satellite contains the player control buttons and a 19" monitor so players can interact with their horse independent to the other players. Derby Owners Club - World Edition is a video only based game, which makes it suitable for players of all ages.

Sega's Memory Card Reader and Dispenser Technology (MCRD)

DOC WE utilises Sega's MCRD which allows players to create a horse they can take with them on a credit card sized storage device. This Derby Owners Club Card can be used on any other DOC WE and the player can pick up exactly where they left off. This creates immense player loyalty and long-term earnings.

Derby Owners Club - World Edition Game Play

To start playing, the player assumes the role of Breeder and must begin by choosing the parent horse (Sire and Dam) Once the horse is born, the player names it and chooses the pattern and color for their jockey silks. Then it's off to the training farm! Where the player is now the Trainer. Training consists of selecting a training regime from a menu of ten exercises. Each exercise develops the horses racing abilities, which include, Starting, Cornering, Out of the Box, (how well they weave through traffic) Tenacity, Competitiveness, and Spurt, (how well the horse will respond to your whip). After training, players feed their horse from a variety of foods picking the right food in order develop the horses racing abilities.

Now the horse is fed it's off to the track! At this point the player has taken on the role of the Jockey and during the race players use their whip at strategic times to maximize their horse's performance. Players win prize money for finishing the race, the higher the position in the race, the more prize money their horse wins.

Once the race is over, the player takes on the final role of Owner and is asked a multiple choice question to test the understanding he/she has of their horse. The wrong answer will have a negative affect on the relationship between player and horse and the relationship is a key area within the game.

Once a horse has run in 20 races, the player can opt to retire their horse to the breeding stable where it can be used as the sire or dam of future champions. However doing so makes it impossible to ever race their horse again. Why retire your horse then? Well, between 30-40 most quality horses will become old, much like a real race horse and the players find that they just can't keep up with the younger ones, at this time it is right to retire your horse.

The training, feeding and question stages are like mini games within the game. They have to be performed correctly in order to best improve the horse abilities, but try and feed your horse the wrong food or take it on the wrong training regime and it will let the player know in no uncertain terms that this was an incorrect choice.

All of the data from the training, feeding, racing and reviewing is stored on the MCRD. The player builds their horse's abilities, increases prize money and discovers their horse's strengths/weaknesses, likes and dislikes. This constant evolution and development will ensure that the player does not have the same experience twice.


Derby Owners Club - World Edition MCRD* allows players to:
  • Store customise racing silks pattern and colour and also the name of their thoroughbred
  • Save/accumulate training and race result time and time again
  • Players to use a specific horse for different track meetings, race lengths and course conditions
  • Use their horse in any DOC WE and pick up exactly where they left off



DOWNLOADS - Derby Owners Club

To view game brochures, kit lists, and manuals you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Get Adobe Acrobat Reader
World Edition Brochure
World Edition 4-Page Brochure
World Edition 16-Page Brochure
Player's Instruction Pamphlet
  EX Manual
World Edition Manual
4-Player Sugg. Layout
8-Player Sugg. Layout

***For Derby Owners Club Arcade Cheats, Download the Player's Instruction Manual Above


World Edition Specs:

+Click Image to Enlarge


EX Edition Specs: 94" Deep x 130" Wide x 84" High



+Click on Images for Enlarged View

Visit the breeding farm Name your horse Choose your riding silks
Develop your horse via the training program Solo Training Co-operative Training
Pool Training Rest Feeding
Review ATEI 2003 Brighton - Bowlplex


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    Sega Derby Owners Club Arcade Game

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