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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Golden Tee Fore! and Golden Tee LIVE?
Golden Tee Fore! was originally released in 2000 as a predecessor to Golden Tee 3-D Golf. Since its introduction, the game has been updated yearly with new courses and special features. Golden Tee LIVE represents the next generation of the Golden Tee name and features familiar game play to Fore! along with groundbreaking technology to enhance the experience. Live wireless communication, hi-res graphics, and dual-flat screen monitors mark the game’s most dramatic differences.

Will any of my existing Golden Tee Fore! stats carry over to Golden Tee LIVE?
Even though there are many of the tracked stats are similar, to Golden Tee Fore!, Golden Tee LIVE is a new and revolutionary game experience that stands on its own. Statistics on the two games will remain separate.

Are there still monthly ITS tournaments on Golden Tee LIVE?
Golden Tee LIVE will not have the same 21-day, monthly tournament format as Golden Tee Fore!; instead, LIVE offers players the ability to compete in a different competition every time they play.

I have heard I can play “in real-time” against other players. Does this mean I will see other people around the country on the screen?
While Golden Tee LIVE features “real-time” communication, players will not see other remote players on the screen with them, but they will see their scores. Much like real golf, as players are competing on the course they will see their competitors scores from around the country update in real-time on the competition leaderboard.

I noticed the game says I can play against people around the world, is this true?
Currently, Golden Tee LIVE is a U.S. based product. However, within the first year the game will be available worldwide. At that time players around the globe will be able to play in “For Glory” competitions against one another all the time. Additionally, worldwide prize play competitions are currently being explored.

If I never played LIVE before, what is my starting rank (GT Rating) and what Division will I start in?
All players will begin with a Golden Tee Rating of 2100. Based on their win/loss ratio against others, ratings will move up or down accordingly. All players begin in Division 5 from the very first game they play; this is the mid-point out of 10 divisions total.

How many total Divisions are there and how do you calculate which Division I am in?
Currently, there are 10 different divisions that players are grouped into. Players will gain or lose Golden Tee Points and move up or down in the division based on the ranking of the people they win or lose against. The more people they defeat of equal or better ranking, the more points gained and the better the division.

Note: As more machines come online, the more players we will have, and thus the possibility of increasing the amount of divisions will grow. Players and are assigned to their divisions based partly on ranking and partly on the total number of unique players. This method guarantees a wide range of players in each skill division.

Will Player Rankings/Divisions be used in the Tournaments/Contests for prizes?
No, rankings are only used to group players in “For Glory” play.

Will Player Rankings be affected by my win/loss ratio in prize play even though these rankings will only be used to group me in non-prize play?
Yes, all LIVE play - whether “For Glory” or “For Prizes” - will affect a player’s Golden Tee Rating, as this is the only way to get an accurate picture of true skill.

Are there rules that govern LIVE play for Prizes and if so where can I find them?
As players enter into a LIVE “For Prizes” game they will be asked to agree to official terms and conditions, and prompted with a Yes or No response. To view these terms and conditions, simply press the blue Help button, and they will appear on the screen. Away from the game, players can review the terms in the Player Account section of

Is there a set amount of times I can play for prizes in a month?
No, players may play as many games as they wish. Each game played for prizes will effectively be a brand new chance at winning. Players are able to participate and win in unlimited contests each day.

How long will leaderboards be up on the game?
Each leaderboard will be up on the game for approximately 24 hours. After a day’s worth of time, it will be cleared off to make room for more recent games. Away from the game, players can create an online account at, and be able to view their individual player ranking on these leaderboards.

How do I play for prizes?
On the game mode selection screen, players will choose to play a LIVE 9-hole or 18-hole game. After making this selection, players will be given the option of playing for prizes or simply playing for glory. If they elect to play for prizes, they will agree to our competition’s terms and conditions - and in addition to paying for a standard game - the player will put in an extra $1. Each of the 50 participants will pay this extra fee and this money will go directly into the prize pool giving each contest a total prize purse of $50. Out of this $50, 100% of the money is paid back directly to the players, awarding the top 20 spots based on the following prize schedule:

1st Place - $10
2nd Place - $8
3rd Place - $6
4th Place - $4
5th – 10th Place - $2
11th – 20th Place - $1

What is the difference between Prize and Glory play?
Like all LIVE play contests, the first players (20 for Glory, 50 for Prizes) to select an event on the same course will be given equal conditions and compete together. The only difference between “For Glory” and “For Prize” play outside of the additional dollar entry fee and the subsequent prize pool, is that “For Glory” players are grouped by skill level, while “For Prize” players are grouped together regardless of skill rating.

Is it possible to have 51 people in a contest? What happens if there are 48 people in a contest, and my friends select the same course but we are playing a three-player game?
If the players have too many people in their game to fill up the existing contest evenly (i.e. there are two open slots in the contest, but they are playing a three player game) a new contest will be started and they will be the first three players in it.

How will I know when I win in a cash Tournament?

A leaderboard will be displayed on the top monitor during and after a game. At the start of the game, the number of the contest will be displayed (i.e. contest 100), and after a player finishes competing, the leaderboards for each game played locally will be seen in the attract mode. Players may use their contest number as a reference to judge which contest leaderboard to view. During this time, players will see their name with the proper position next to it, while the bottom of the leaderboard will show how many people remain to fill up the contest. After all of the necessary contestants have played, the results will be finalized and winners will be declared.

How do I collect the money?
Players must login and request a check from their Player Account. If for some reason they cannot get online, a claim form can be faxed to Incredible Technologies for fulfillment. Players are required to follow the proper steps of identification prior to claiming prizes online or via fax.

What is a Player Account?
Any player may visit and set up a Player Account. Simply put, the Golden Tee LIVE Player Account is the player’s online identity. For example, it will register them on our player forums and allow them to post and view messages with other players from around the country. Once they have played Golden Tee LIVE players may link up their identity card to their player account for the purpose of viewing winnings and requesting payment through the automated web system. Eventually, once the card is linked up to their account, a player will also be able to view stats and standings as well.

Is a Player Account the same a Golden Tee Gold Card?
No, the Golden Tee Gold Card allows the player one more way of securely entering into a competition on a Golden Tee LIVE machine. A player account is separate from a Golden Tee Gold Card in that the Player Account identifies the player on the website. Once a Player Account is setup on the website, a player can tie their Gold Card to the Player Account and expand the website’s functionality. For example, once a player’s identity on the game (the Gold Card) is tied to their web identity (the Player Account), players can view winnings and request payment online.

Can I use several different ID Cards and still have the game see me as one person?
No, Incredible Technologies does not support the use of multiple IDs for one person. Should a player have to play with multiple IDs, the game will see each ID card they check in with as a new person. With this in mind, a player will need to create one Player Account for each check-in card they use.

Can I view a history of transactions, (i.e. money coming and going) from my Player Account?
Yes, once a player has setup a Player Account on and linked a Golden Tee LIVE identification card to it, they will be able to see all of the money won and all of the money they have cashed out.

On my history of transactions, what is the Player Account ID # and the Transaction # and why are they important?
These two IDs are there for the sole purpose of helping internal Incredible Technologies staff track down player transactions should a player have any specific inquiries.

Can I cash out of my Player Account from a Golden Tee LIVE machine?
No, the player may only request a check by either contacting Incredible Technologies directly or by setting up a Player Account on However, the player may use the money in their Player Account at the machine to pay for their games in lieu of cash or credit card. If they have available funds in their player account, they will be given the choice to use it as another payment option prior to entering into the game.

Do I actually have to put money in the game first before I can get to that payment screen?
No, unlike Golden Tee Fore!, Golden Tee LIVE allows the player to navigate through the menu systems prior to actually entering any money.

When I cash out my Player Account am I able to get only a portion of the prizes or will I need to grab cash all of it at once?
At the time of claiming their prize money and requesting a check, players cannot choose to retrieve a portion of their funds; they will instead receive all of the funds in their account.

Are banned Golden Tee Fore! tournament players allowed to play for Prizes on Golden Tee LIVE ?
Live is a clean slate for all players. It will not matter if they have been banned previously or not, everyone can participate and win.