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Extreme Hunting Cheats and Tips

TIP #1

Aim for the VITAL SPOT on the animals. The vital spot is illustrated for you on the control panel of the game. If you shoot the animal in its vital spot, you can kill it with just one shot, plus you earn extra points!

Tip #2

Keep a look out for the MONSTER ANIMALS, or the largest animals in the spot. If you kill a monster animal, the heavy weight will give you more points!

TIP #3

Pay attention to the DON’T SHOOT ANIMAL instruction before each round. It will tell you not to aim for either the baby animal or the female. If you shoot one of these animals, your bullets are taken away for that spot only.


TIP #4

You can earn bonus points by making several kills in one spot. You earn a BONUS if you make 2 kills in the spot, and a PERFECT BONUS if you kill 3 animals.


FAQ's for Extreme Hunting 2 Tournament Edition

Where can I play Extreme Hunting 2 Tournament Edition?
Find a complete listing of game locations at www.extremehunting.net and click on the locations tab of the website.

What is Normal Mode and Tournament Mode?
Normal mode is basically playing for fun. There are no prizes awarded for Normal Mode whether or not the cabinet is linked by ALL.Net. Players still work towards making their hunting level better, earn more mileage points and better their rank against other hunters around the country on ALL.Net cabinets.

Tournament Mode is the mode to select when you want to participate in the tournament that is taking place. There are prizes and bragging rights up for grabs in this mode and hunters still work towards a better hunting level, earn more mileage points and get ranked against others who participate in the tournament.

What are the differences between Normal and Tournament Modes?
Other than the prizes and competition, there are a few differences in the modes. Tournament mode has 10 normal animal spots as opposed to the 8 in normal mode, both modes have a bonus spot, but the bonus spot in tournament mode may be different than the bonus spot for a specific animal in normal mode, and players receive 10 mileage points in Tournament mode as oppose to 5 mileage points in Normal mode.

How am I ranked in normal mode?
There are a variety of ways to be ranked in normal mode. A player may see where they are ranked by score and weight for each main animal, as well as their hunting level. High score and weight can be broken down into a national ranking, or a regional ranking. Regions are broken down into Midwest, West, Northeast, and South regions.

Rankings are viewable by visiting www.extremehunting.net. Also, while logged in, a player may view their mileage points, hunting level, weapon level, shooting accuracy, tournament plays, and ranking in a tournament.

What are Hunting Levels and how are they calculated?
Hunting Levels are skill level categories earned by players that have registered online on an Extreme Hunting 2 – Tournament Edition cabinet. A player can determine their hunting level by viewing their record at the game or by logging on to www.extremehunting.net

Hunting Levels are broken out into 4 categories with various levels for each. From novice to pro, the skill levels ascend from Bronze 1 through Bronze 9, Silver 1 through Silver 9, Gold 1 through Gold 9 and Platinum 1, the highest skill level achieved. Hunting Levels are calculated by the player’s mileage count combined with their shot accuracy, or hit ratio. A player is awarded 5 points per Full Trip in Normal Mode and 10 points per Full Trip in Tournament Mode. The Hit Ratio is calculated by the amount of bullets fired that make contact with the targeted animal. Hitting a calf or female animal, depending on the stage, will count against the hit ratio, and an unfired bullet will not be factored into the ratio. The Hunting Level is not permanent and will vary for each player if their Hit Ratio should fluctuate.

These Hunting Levels qualifications have been determined for the test phase of Extreme Hunting 2 – Tournament Edition. Hunting Level categories and formulas are subject to change for the official release of ALL.Net.

How will I know when an Extreme Hunting 2 tournament is coming up?
To find out when an Extreme Hunting 2 tournament is coming up, visit the “Tournament” link on the www.extremehunting.net website, or register at the site and receive email updates about new tournaments.

How do I enter a tournament?
You must first find a location hosting an Extreme Hunting 2 tournament and go there. When at the game select “Tournament Mode” from the in game menu; you will be asked to log-in. If you have not registered at the game before, you will be asked to do so. Enter in your username, ZIP code and select a PIN number and you’re all set. Purchase is necessary.

How do I register?
You must register at the game cabinet by entering a Birthdate, Username, PIN Number, and ZIP Code. You can then log-in with your user information on www.extremehunting.net to receive Extreme Hunting 2 news, updates, and tournament information, and track your tournament ranking, hunting level, scores, and national and regional rankings.

What animals can be hunted?
Extreme Hunting 2 – Tournament Edition offers a variety of animals to hunt. The hunts to choose from include Bison, Whitetail Deer, Wolf, Elk, Moose and Black Bear. There are also Bonus Spots that include Bass, Squirrel, Prairie Dog, Target Shooting and Bat, along with Alligator and Shark Special Spots. Watch for new animals to be released in the future on ALL.Net linked games.

How do I score more points?
The shot animal must fall to be awarded any points, player will receive one point for every pound the animal weighs, and one point for every foot the animal is from you. 100 points are earned for hitting the “vital area”, meaning the chest and head of the animal, while earning 40 points for the shoulder, 30 points for the back, and 10 points for the edge of the animal. 1000 bonus points are earned for a “perfect spot”, or dropping the maximum allowed 3 animals in the spot. Each animal in the “bonus spot” are worth 10 points apiece, if every animal in the “bonus spot” are hit, 300 bonus points are earned. If the animal in the “special spot” is dropped, 3000 bonus points are earned. At the end of the game, an additional 500 bonus points are awarded for each “perfect spot” and if a “perfect spot” is reached in all 8 or 10 spots, 10,000 bonus points will be awarded.

How do I unlock the hidden weapons?
The hidden weapons are unlocked by gaining a certain number of mileage points earned by repeat play. Be sure to use the same username, PIN number, and ZIP code each time you play. If you are playing on a non-linked cabinet, players will need to play several times in a row to unlock the hidden weapons.

How do I get mileage points and what are they used for?
Mileage points are earned simply by playing the game. Playing a full trip in normal mode will earn a player 5 mileage points for each credit put into the game, the player will earn 10 mileage points for each tournament play. Mileage points are used to unlock the hidden weapons and keep track of how many times a player has played Extreme Hunting 2.

Be sure to log-in to the game with the same Username, PIN, and ZIP code to accumulate more mileage points.

How do I know if I won the tournament?
There are three simple ways to know if you won an Extreme Hunting 2 tournament. The first way to know if you have won an Extreme Hunting 2 tournament is to visit a game cabinet that is connected online and view the leader board on the game screen. The second way to learn if you are a tournament winner is to ask the tournament location. The last way to see if you are a tournament winner is to log on to www.extremehunting.net and view tournament results.

How do I claim my prize after I’ve won?
Winners must print off a Declaration Form found online at www.extremehunting.net and mail to Sega Amusements USA, Inc. 800 Arthur Avenue, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007-5215, or fax to (847) 427-1065 along with a clear copy of a photo ID. The Declaration Form helps SEGA confirm the identity, address, age and eligibility of the winner. Minors must have parent’s permission and signature on the Declaration Form to claim their prize.

How do I get a Declaration Form if I do not have internet access?
Declaration Forms can be obtained by contacting SEGA toll free at (877) SEGA-FUN, by faxing a request and address to ATTN: Event Promoter (847) 427-1065 or by mail at Sega Amusements USA, Inc. 800 Arthur Ave., Elk Grove Village IL 60007-5215.

Who is eligible for this tournament?
Anyone who is over the age of 13 and is a legal resident of the United States is eligible for this tournament, with the exception of residents of Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Vermont, Tennessee, and U.S. territories, possessions and assigns.

What will I win?
Right now there is a new set of prizes every tournament. Prizes could range from an Apple iPod to an HDTV and more. Prizes will be listed on tournament posters and banners, in the game, and at www.extremehunting.net

How am I ranked in tournament mode?
Ranking in tournament mode is very simple, the higher your score, the higher your ranking. The player with the highest score from a single game is the winner.

What is Extreme Hunting 2 – Tournament Edition?
Extreme Hunting 2 – Tournament Edition is the latest title of the successful line of Sega/Sammy coin-operated hunting games. It is the sequel to Extreme Hunting, but features new animals such as Bison, Wolf, Bass, Shark, Alligator, and Bat, weapons, and an option for a sound vibration, feedback gun to make play more realistic. Extreme Hunting 2 – Tournament Edition is also the first game title released on SEGA’s new online gaming platform, ALL.Net. Players can now track their statistics, rank in a national database and compete with hunters all over the United States in tournaments.

What is ALL.Net?
ALL.Net is the new online gaming platform by SEGA. Not only does ALL.Net allow for online tournament play on Extreme Hunting 2 - TE, but also future downloadable updates to the game, downloadable advertisement screens, and the option to link future ALL.Net titles to the same router.

How does ALL.Net work?
ALL.Net is an online entertainment platform exclusive to Sega. It is installed in locations using a broadband Internet connection and router system, which connects ALL.Net-enabled games or devices to game servers developed and managed by Sega. These ALL.Net servers are able to track a wide array of data about the games.

In the case of the first title, Extreme Hunting 2 - Tournament Edition, the ALL.Net servers track player rankings, tournament results, and are able to dynamically feed that information to www.extremehunting.net to support Sega’s player community.

ALL.Net will also allow for locations to download new content and advertisements to their ALL.Net-ready Extreme Hunting 2 – Tournament Edition cabinets.

Are there other games on ALL.Net?
There are no other Sega titles on ALL.Net in the United States at this time. Extreme Hunting 2 –Tournament Edition is the inaugural title for the system. Plans are already underway for development of additional titles that will take advantage of ALL.Net.

In Japan, ALL.Net currently boasts 6 game titles, over 20,000 game boards, in more than 2,600 connected locations, with over 17 million online plays to date. Japan has served as an example for the power of online gaming and entertainment services by reaching out and building strong player communities around each ALL.Net-enabled game.

How does Extreme Hunting 2 – Tournament Edition compare to other online games?
Extreme Hunting 2 – Tournament Edition is unlike any existing online game in that, in its variety of configurations, it has the ability to appeal to a wide variety of location owners and players. Most online coin-operated games have appealed primarily to one market: the bar.

Extreme Hunting 2 - Tournament Edition has proven to appeal to a wide variety of players in arcade locations, and Sega Amusements USA’s strong tradition of hunting games (including the original Extreme Hunting title) has been highly successful in bars, truck stops, restaurants, and family entertainment centers, in addition to the arcade success of Extreme Hunting 2 - Tournament Edition.

Is Extreme Hunting 2 – Tournament Edition available on PC in home console versions?
This title is not available on any formats outside of the A.W. coin-operated system. However, there are several models to choose from: 29” Standard Cabinet, 50” Deluxe Cabinets, and Full and Conversion Kits to covert existing A.W. cabinets into Extreme Hunting 2 –Tournament Edition.

What new content can be downloaded to ALL.Net linked, Extreme Hunting 2 – Tournament Edition cabinets?
ALL.Net will enable future downloads of new main, special and bonus animals. Sega is currently developing new content for the title.

What is Buckmasters Ltd?
Buckmasters Ltd. is a promotional sponsor for Extreme Hunting 2 – Tournament Edition. It is the nation’s largest deer hunting association, dedicated to encourage proper hunting ethics, sportsmanship, safety, wildlife conservation and promote a positive image of deer hunters. Buckmasters has grown to 250,000 members and produces 3 national magazines and 2 television shows. Look for their involvement in Extreme Hunting 2 tournaments and have the opportunity to win prizes by Buckmasters.

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